Basic Character Creation

To create a character under this hybrid ruleset, follow the instructions in the Honor + Intrigue rule book, but with the following changes.

1.  Choose a nation.  You may use any nation from the 7th Sea Second edition books that would normally be allowed for player characters.  This has no effect on numerical stats, but may affect which careers you can choose (see below).

2.  Choosing your careers.  For this conversion, use the Backgrounds from the 7th Sea books in place of the Careers from H+I.  Disregard any advantages listed, but take note of the description, skills and quirk.  These provide guidance on what tasks this character might be good at and the quirk can provide opportunities to earn Fortune Points for good role-playing. They otherwise function exactly like the Careers from H+I.  In keeping with 7th Sea's setting, some backgrounds are tied to specific nations, and a few of those are magical in nature and thus are prerequisites to use the associated type of Sorcery.  These are the following:

  • Alquimista
  • Hexe
  • Knight Errant
  • Sorcier Porte
  • Zynys (Soothsayer)
  • Touched By Matushka
  • Skald
  • Sorte Strega

Just like H+I, players have 4 points to divide up between their four Backgrounds.  Each must be a minimum of 0 and a maximum of 3.

3.  Choose a Virtue and a Hubris (see page 156 of the 7th Sea 2e Core Rulebook).  Consider any mention of Hero Points to refer instead to Fortune Points.

4.  If you have selected the H+I Boon "Dueling Style," use the converted 7th Sea Dueling Styles found on this wiki instead of those in the H+I book.

5.  If you have selected any of the magical Careers listed above, use the converted sorcery systems found on this wiki.


Basic Character Creation

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