Mirek Sabat spent most of his life fascinated by the game of chess. He believed that many forms of strategy in chess could be applied to other strategies in life, from politics to warfare to swordplay. By twenty, he was considered by most to be a grand master, although it wasn’t unknown for him to lose a match to an inferior opponent as he experimented with some unorthodox strategy.

The Sabat school of fencing favors a defensive Style that allows opponents to attack relentlessly to exhaust themselves. Once the adversary is vulnerable, Sabat seeks to end the bout decisively and in one master stroke.

Weaponry:  Rapier

Maneuvers:  Lunge, Feint, Riposte, Dodge, Parry

Benefit: +1 Parry, +1 Riposte

Final Secret:  Sabat Gambit – Bonus Die to Lunge attack rolls


7th Sea 2e Converted to Honor + Intrigue glistam