Originally developed for bullfighting, the Torres style makes use of a rapier in one hand and a cloak in the other. The student uses subtle movements to draw his opponent’s attention to the cloak, and then blindside him with the rapier.

The Torres school is an extremely effective defensive style, as the cloak and sword combine to form a wall of cloth and steel between the student and his opponent’s blade. Masters of the school are some of the most quick-witted and agile men and women in the world.

Weaponry:  Rapier and Cloak

Maneuvers:  Dodge, Tag, Stop-Thrust, Riposte, Feint

Benefit:  +1 Cloak Parry, +1 Riposte

Final Secret:  Matador’s Flourish – You get a bonus die on damage with Stop-Thrust or Riposte.


7th Sea 2e Converted to Honor + Intrigue glistam