The Valroux Style of fighting is one of several that uses a fencing weapon in the primary hand and a main gauche in the off-hand. The fighting Style is technically defensive, with the main gauche used only to parry. Students of this Style call attention to openings they could have exploited, generally humiliate their opponents, and finish them off whenever the duel grows wearisome.

One of the main strengths of this Style is its demoralizing effect on opponents. Masters of Valroux move the duel around in a dizzying circle, keeping their opponent guessing as to the pace of combat, all the while hurling insults that infuriate their adversary. To win against a student of the Valroux Style requires an iron will and long patience.

Weaponry:  Rapier and Main Gauche

Maneuvers:  Feint, Tag, Riposte, Disarm, Bind

Benefit:  +1 to Parry with Main Gauche, Double Parry: Use Flair instead of Savvy to parry using Main Gauche and Rapier combined.  You take a -2 penalty on your parry attempt, and if successful, to get a Fortune Point (does not count as an earned point) that must be used within the next round.  You cannot split your action to double parry (you are using both weapons to parry a single attack). If you have mastered the Parry action, you can use your free Reaction to Double Parry instead.

Final Secret:  Valroux Press -  +1 to all rolls to use Repartee against opponents & your resistance to Repartee is increased by 1 as well in combat.  When you succeed at a Double Parry, you may make an immediate Bind or Riposte for free.


7th Sea 2e Converted to Honor + Intrigue glistam