Must have “Alquimista” as a career.

At the beginning of each session, you gain 1 Craft Point per rank in Alquimista.  You can spend a Craft Point to create an potion or other substance.  Creation requires at least 1 hour of work, access to proper equipment and a workspace.

To make a potion or substance, roll Savvy + Alquimista.  Failure results in the craft point being lost, as resources are wasted.

The following is a list of common preparations:

• Pain-killers (lasts 2d6 hours, 3 doses)
• Sleep inducers (ingested, gives 2d6 hours very sound sleep, 3 doses)
• Fever relief (lasts 2d6 hours, 3 doses)
• Acids (1 small vial, does 1d3 damage or burns through up to 1 cubic inch of metal or wood)
• Animal poison (kills small pests for 1d3 days. Enough to spray one room)
• Antidote (3 doses, recovery in 1 hour)
• Insect repellent (lasts 4d6 hours)
• Alcoholic spirits (good quality brandy, rum, etc)
• Gunpowder (enough for 20 rounds of shot or one grenade)
• Invisible Ink (becomes visible when wet or warmed)
• Grease (makes covered item impossible to hold, makes anyone walking or climbing on covered surface slip and fall
• Smoke bomb (creates cloud of smoke, concealing group's actions for 1 round)
• Enhancement (+1 to a single Quality for one round)
• Poison (causes loss of 1d3 Lifeblood)
• Medicine (cures 1d3 Lifeblood)

Preparations are not limited to these items.  If you want to create a new one, consult with the GM.


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