This school was developed by a mercenary named Kristoff Drexel, the leader of the warband known as the Blood Spirits. He often found himself in unpredictable situations that called for flexibility in thought and fighting Style. Thus, he devised several different ways to make use of the versatile Eisen zweihander. The Drexel fighting Style is very popular among elite mercenaries because of its ability to deal with many different situations.

A Duelist making use of Drexel has more ways of attacking and defending himself than a Duelist using another Style. There are four Stances, or ways of holding the zweihander, that Drexel teaches. Each has certain advantages and disadvantages.

Weaponry: Greatsword (Zweihander)

Maneuvers: Dirty Fighting, Disarm, Lunge, Hilt Punch, Quick Cut

Benefit: You do not have the -1 Parry penalty with a Zweihander; you may use the Quick Cut maneuver with a Zweihander.

The Drexel School teaches its students to take up to four different stances. Each has its own benefit and drawback. Before you roll initiative each round, choose which stance you are taking for the round. Changing stances takes no action, and occurs at the very beginning of your turn (so if you switch to an Initiative-affecting stance, it will affect your current Initiative roll).

You know 1 Stance for each Drexel maneuver you have mastered.

  • Bittner (Forward Stance): Bonus Die to Reaction maneuvers, Penalty Die to Damage
  • Gerbeck (High Stance): +1 to Bladework, -1 to Reaction Maneuvers
  • Kohler (Low Stance): Bonus Die to Initiative, Penalty Die to Damage
  • Metzger (Back Stance): Bonus Die to Damage, Penalty Die to Reaction Maneuvers and -1 Defense

Final Secret: Opponents in battle regard you as if you had a Terror rating of 2*, and your Terror Rating cancels the Terror Rating of any opponents, and vice-versa. The effect is that characters under your leadership will be less afraid because they are under your command. So if you are facing a creature with a Terror Rating of 3, it’s Terror Rating is reduced to 1 (and yours is Reduced to 0).

*During combat, any opponent must make a Daring check at a -2 when they first see or encounter you, or lose 1 Composure.  This gives them -1 to all actions except those used to escape the scene.


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