Knights of Avalon


When you first aquire the "Knight Errant" Career at level 1 or more, you must select one knight.  You are the only living embodiment of that Knight and your embodiment connects you to two Qualities—one Major and one Minor.  You may only ever carry the mantle of one knight.

At level 1 for "Knight Errant," you choose one Major Glamour and two Minor Glamours, all at Rank 1.  The Major Glamour you choose must be connected with your knight's Major quality, and likewise with the Minor Glamours.  Luck Glamours are available to all knights.

For each level after, you may either add new Glamours associated with your knight's Qualties, increase the Rank of one Major Glamour and two Minor Glamours.

The Knight's Gesa (code of behavior) which can result in the lose of powers, and the atonement mechanic work, the same as the 7th Sea core rule book, as seen on pages 210-211.

Knight Major Quality Minor Quality
Æsc, Of the Forests    
Beorhtsige, Siegebreaker    
Cenhelm, The Keen    
Ceolmund, Knight Protector    
Dudda, The Round    
Dunstan, Outsider    
Eadburg, The Wealthy    
Ealdræd, The Oldest Knight    
Frideswide, The Knight of Peace    
Godric, The Pious    
Hereward, Knight Advisor    
Hildræd, Knight Commander    
Leofric, The Beloved    
Mildgyd, The Gentle    
Osgar, The Spear Knight    
Pæga, Forgotten    
Sæwine, The Sailor    
Sunngifu, The Generous    
Wilfrith, The Knight of Will    
Wulfnoð, The Bold    


Knights of Avalon

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